The next MBSB research symposium, featuring research presentations from MBSB faculty and students, will take place on May 19th 2017. 

The keynote lecture will be presented by Prof. John Kuriyan of the University of California, Berkeley and the HHMI

Please mark the date in your calendars today, and plan to join us on May 19th!

For more information or to register, visit the 2017 MBSB Symposium page here.



Congratulations to MBSB student Abhishek Mandal for receiving one of the Biophysical Society's 2016 Education Committee Travel Awards!

Abhishek is a PhD candidate in the Van der Wel research group in de Department of Structural Biology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He received the award for his abstract entitled "TO UNFOLD OR NOT TO UNFOLD? STRUCTURAL INSIGHTS OF PEROXIDASE-ACTIVE CARDIOLIPIN-BOUND CYTOCHROME C BY SOLID- STATE NMR". Abhishek will use the award to travel to Los Angeles to to present his research during the meeting on Feb 27-Mar 2 2016.

For more information see also the press release by the Biophysical Society.




On behalf of the MBSB Symposium Program Committee, I would like to alert all members of the MBSB community about some details of our 2016 MBSB Research Symposium.  The symposium will be held all day Friday, May 13, at the Frick Fine Arts building where it has been held the past several years.  Please mark this date on your calendars, and inform any of your colleagues who may not be formally associated with MBSB. Our Keynote Speaker on May 13th will be Dr. Peter Schultz of the Scripps Research Institute.  



I hope you will plan to attend the Keynote lecture and take part in the entire day of macromolecular biological science.


Ron Wetzel



UPDATE: The 2016 Symposium page and registration info are now available!

The Pittsburgh Biophysical Theory Club is a monthly forum featuring two half-hour talks of interest to the biophysical theory community throughout the city.  This includes theoretical, computational and experimental topics.  The club brings together a range of quantitative scientists interested in biology -- whether from biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, math, or engineering backgrounds.  We encourage members of the community, particularly postdocs and students in consultation with their mentors, to volunteer to speak.  The talks are an excellent way to get feedback from a friendly but experienced audience.  Speakers from all local universities are welcome.

The current schedule is available on the website of the Department of Computational and Systems Biology.

The Pittsburgh Biophysical Theory Club is hosted and organized by MBSB faculty member Rob Coalson, who can provide more information if desired. 

Please feel free to attend, and add future lectures to your agenda!