Peptide interactions with membranes; membrane-peripheral proteins; X-ray/neutron scattering


Our work focuses on the structural and dynamic characterization of biomimetic membranes (that is, simpler artificial mono- and bilayer systems that capture the fundamental properties of complex biomembranes); to understand these objects from a soft condensed matter perspective. For example, we use surface-sensitive x-ray and neutron scattering to identify, characterize, and optimize mimics formed as tethered bilayer membranes at solid/fluid interfaces. Optical microscopy techniques are used to assess their in-plane fluidity, dynamics, and 2D morphology. With this set of tools, we investigate experimentally the physical principles of membrane self-assembly and functionality. We also study the molecular origins of disease, through quantification of the membrane interactions of proteins and peptides, such as toxins and amyloids.



PhD, Technical University of Munich


Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Physics
Wean 6311
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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