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Peptide interactions with membranes; membrane-peripheral proteins; X-ray/neutron scattering


Our work focuses on the structural and dynamic characterization of biomimetic membranes (that is, simpler artificial mono- and bilayer systems that capture the fundamental properties of complex biomembranes); to understand these objects from a soft condensed matter perspective. For example, we use surface-sensitive x-ray and neutron scattering to identify, characterize, and optimize mimics formed as tethered bilayer membranes at solid/fluid interfaces. Optical microscopy techniques are used to assess their in-plane fluidity, dynamics, and 2D morphology. With this set of tools, we investigate experimentally the physical principles of membrane self-assembly and functionality. We also study the molecular origins of disease, through quantification of the membrane interactions of proteins and peptides, such as toxins and amyloids.

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PhD, Technical University of Munich


Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Physics
Wean 6311
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: (412) 624-8771 
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E-mail: quench@cmu.edu

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