Research Interests: 

Abhishek performed structural and dynamical measurements on cytochrome c (cyt-c) in its lipid-bound state. Cyt-c is primarily known for its role in the electron transfer pathway but it also plays an important role in intrinsic apoptosis. A required step in this process is the peroxidation of mitochondrial lipid cardiolipin (CL). A crucial open question is regarding the structural changes in the bound protein that allow its covalently bound heme to catalyze the peroxidation of CL acyl chains in the membrane core. He used solid-state NMR methodology to study the structure and dynamics of both the CL bound cyt-c as well as the vesicles themselves using samples mimicking the proapoptotic conditions that trigger cyt-c’s peroxidase activity.  These methods were complemented with various spectroscopic methods, including fluorescence based peroxidase assays, to correlate the function and structure of the bound cyt-c.



Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, 2011

PhD Advisor: Dr. Patrick CA van der Wel

Lab Address:

3501 Fifth Avenue
2054 BST3
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

email: abm66{AT}