The second annual MBSB research symposium was held on May 16th 2014, in the Frick Fine Arts Building. Below you will find the symposium schedule. This symposium featured Dr Eric Greene as  keynote speaker. Local speakers included MBSB faculty as well as seminars by MBSB students Sean Carney, Muwen Kong, Patricia Campbell, and Dave Bauer.




2014 MBSB Symposium Program


9:00     Breakfast

9:30     Welcome – Ron Wetzel


Morning Session (chaired by Rebecca Eells, Physics, CMU)

9:45     Advances in cryo-electron microscopy revealing phage and herpesvirus capsids at near-atomic resolution (James Conway, U. Pittsburgh)

10:20   Interactions with the excluded-strand suggest varying mechanisms of unwinding among replicative helicases (Sean Carney, Chemistry, U. Pittsburgh)

10:40   Refreshment Break>

11:05   Protein Structure from ESR distance measurements (Sunil Saxena, Chemistry, U. Pittsburgh)

11:40   Single-molecule studies on the role of Rad4 β-hairpin 3 in DNA damage recognition (Muwen Kong, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, U. Pittsburgh)

12:00   Lunch and posters


Afternoon Session (chaired by Cody Hoop, Structural Biology, U. Pittsburgh)

1:30     The Art of Border Crossings - Integrative Multidisciplinarity (Angela Gronenborn, Structural Biology, U. Pittsburgh)

2:05     Merging multiple methods to investigate icosahedral capsid expansion (Patricia Campbell, Structural Biology, U. Pittsburgh)

2:25    Refreshment break

2:50     NMR Approaches to the Study of Nucleic Acid Metalloenzymes (Gordon Rule, Biological Sciences, CMU)

3:25    Internal pressure of viral genome packaging and its influence on virus stability (Dave Bauer, Physics, CMU)

3:45     Refreshment Break


Keynote Address (chaired by Elizabeth Dahlburg, Chemistry, U. Pittsburgh)

4:00     Single-molecule imaging of protein-nucleic acid interactions using DNA curtains (Eric Greene, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Columbia U.)

5-7       Reception