Fellowships and NIH T32 Funding

All full-time graduate students in good standing in the Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology Graduate Program receive a stipend, an educational enrichment account, individual health insurance (with an option to purchase additional family coverage), and full tuition remission (for more details see the MBSB handbook). After the first year, the above is paid by the student’s research lab, but eligible students can also apply for a two-year NIH-funded fellowship, as delineated below.


NIH-funded T32 fellowships

In 2011, the MBSB graduate program was awarded an NIH T32 training grant, which currently allows for simultaneous funding of four T32 fellowships awarded to eligible MBSB graduate students. These two-year fellowships are awarded based on availability, in a competitive application process. The application package includes a concise description of proposed PhD research along with letters of recommendation from MBSB faculty. Specific details on the application process are provided during each application round. The selection process considers not only the proposed research plan and student accomplishments, but also the potential contributions to the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the MBSB program. A list of current and past recipients of the MBSB T32 fellowships is found in the table below. The T32 fellows have studied a range of topics, including HIV/AIDS, herpes virus, and Huntington's Disease. MBSB T32 students' publications can be found in the public PubMed database

Student Lab Fellowship Period
Karl Debiec Gronenborn/Chong (Pitt) 2011-2013
Grant Schauer Leuba (Pitt) 2011-2013
Cody Hoop Van der Wel (Pitt) 2012-2014
Rebecca Eells Lösche (CMU) 2013-2015
Elizabeth Dahlburg Asher (Pitt) 2013-2015
Dave Bauer Evilevitch (CMU) 2013-2015
Kindra Whitlatch Smithgall (Pitt) 2014-2016
Emily Beckwitt Van Houten (Pitt) 2015-2017
Chino Cabalteja Horne (Pitt) 2015-2017
Lisa Clark Calero (Pitt) 2015-2017
Jennifer Boatz Van der Wel/Gronenborn (Pitt) 2016-2018
Kirill Lavrenyuk Dahl (CMU) 2017-2019
Stephen White Asher (Pitt) 2017-2019
Sara Whitlock Childers (Pitt) 2017-2019


Annual MBSB Research Symposium

The MBSB program also organizes an annual research symposium that brings together the faculty and students of the program. The one-day symposium features talks and posters highlighting the diverse research going on in MBSB labs, with a specific focus on MBSB graduate student research. More information about future and past MBSB symposia can be found on the MBSB symposium website.