Check out a special issue in the ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. Peter Wipf in MBSB co-edited this issue. Prof. Wipf commented “This year, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters celebrates its 10th anniversary. To recognize this occasion, we are publishing a Special Issue entitled “Medicinal Chemistry: From Targets to Therapies.” In 2020, the coronavirus SARS-CoV has overtaken the world amidst a global pandemic. Consequently, antiviral research, and vaccine development and production, have been catapulted into the spotlight. In the face of the problem of bacterial resistance, there is a pressing need for enhanced, sustained research on anti-infective agents. At the same time, pharmaceutical treatments in many other fields are still urgently needed. Medicinal Chemistry is called upon to answer gaps and inequalities in addressing public health needs, more than ever on a moment’s notice.”

Link: https://pubs.acs.org/toc/amclct/11/10