Molecular Biophysics II course.


Molecular Biophysics II (MBII) course, one of core courses in the MBSB graduate program, is running during the Spring semester. In this course, students learn about the integration of different techniques to elucidate molecular mechanisms of disease, through the study of biomolecular structure, interatctions and dynamics.  The course includes hands-on demos of x-ray crystallography and other essential tools in structural biology.  With the help of MBSB faculty experts, students prepare and present a research seminar on primary research.  Students also gain experience in the writing of grant/fellowship applications to support their research. Ms. Brittani Schnäble, a fourth-year MBSB student, serves as a teaching assistant of the MBII this year. Brittani comments  “in this course the students are able to gain so introductory experience with different techniques and software that they may utilize in their time in graduate school. They also spend some time working on putting together a seminar. Over the course of the semester, they learn how to tell a story and give a strong presentation”

Check out http://www.mbsb.pitt.edu/index.php/training/curriculum