The fourth annual MBSB research symposium was held on Friday, May 13th2016, in the Frick Fine Arts Building from 9:00am to 7:00pm. The 2016 symposium featured Dr. Peter G. Schultz as the keynote speaker.  Other speakers included MBSB faculty, current MBSB graduate students, and an MBSB alumnus.  Scroll down to see the schedule of events!


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter G. Schultz, Scripps Research Institute 

Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology"




Program Details - MBSB Symposium 2016



9:30  Welcome – Ron Wetzel#

Morning Session, chaired by Lisa Clark*, Structural Biology, U. of Pittsburgh

9:45  “Chemical Modulation of Cellular Stress Response”, Peter Wipf#, Chemistry, U. of Pittsburgh
10:20 “A Tale of Two Conformations: Solid-state NMR Reveals two Structurally Distinct Aggregates Formed by a Cataract-associated Gamma-D-crystallin Mutant”, Jennifer Boatz*, Structural Biology, U. of Pittsburgh
10:40 Break
11:05 “Probing the Membrane Insertion Pathway of the Diphtheria Toxin T-domain using SPR and Neutron Reflectometry”, Rebecca Eells*, Physics, Carnegie Mellon U.
11:25   “What can we learn about membranes by stressing them out?”, Markus Deserno#, Physics, Carnegie Mellon U.
12:00   Lunch


Afternoon Session, chaired by Emily Beckwitt*, Pharmacology & Chemical Biology, U. of Pittsburgh 

12:45 “A role for RFC clamp loader in asymmetric replisome assembly”, Grant Schauer**, Rockefeller U.
1:20 “Optical Control of Cellular Processes with Chemical Tools”, Alex Deiters#, Chemistry, U. of Pittsburgh 
1:55 “How Understanding Vibrations Led to New Insights into Polyglutamine Peptide Structure”, David Punihoale*, Chemistry, U. of Pittsburgh
2:15  Break with Poster Session


Keynote Address, chaired by Chino Cabalteja*, Dept. Chemistry, U. Pittsburgh

3:30  “Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology”,  Peter Schultz, Scripps Research Institute
4:30  Reception


* MBSB PhD student         ** MBSB PhD alumnus               # MBSB training faculty