The sixth annual MBSB research symposium will be held on Friday, May 18th, in the Frick Fine Arts Building from 9:00am to 7:00pm. The 2018 symposium will feature Dr. Kalina Hristova as the keynote speaker.  Other speakers will include MBSB faculty, current MBSB graduate students, and an MBSB alumnus.  Scroll down to see the schedule of events!


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kalina Hristova, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, John Hopkins University 

"The EphA2 Receptor: Interactions, Structure, and Function"



Registration Information

 MBSB Symposium 2018 registration form and abstract submissions should be completed no later than May 09, 2018

Completed forms should be emailed to Janet Zambotti at

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Program Details - MBSB Symposium 2018


9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:45 Welcome
James Conway#

Morning Session,
chaired by Kirill Lavrenyuk

10:00  “Structural Insights into Diversification of Function in the TGF-Beta Family” Andrew Hinck#, Structural Biology, University of Pittsburgh

10:35 “Structural Characteristics of the RNAse H Domain in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase” Ryan Slack*, Structural Biology, University of Pittsburgh


10:55 Break

11:30 “Autogrow 4.0: Improved Genetic Algorithm for de novo Computer Aided Drug Design” Jacob Spiegel*, Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

11:50 “Modeling Aspects of Selectivity in the Nuclear Pore Complex” Rob Coalson#, Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

12:25 Lunch

Afternoon Session,
chaired by Sara Whitlock

Developing Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy to Study Polymer-Mediated Gene Delivery in Cells”, David Punihaole**, University of Minnesota 

2:05 “The Curious Case of Insoluble Polyglutamine Peptides” Stephen E. White*, Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

2:25  “Changes to the Nuclear Lamina Ultrastrcuture with Altered Lamin Expression and Variants” Kris Dahl#, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

3:00 Break with Poster Session

Keynote Address,
chaired by Jennifer Boatz

The EphA2 Receptor: Interactions, Structure, and Function”, Kalina Hristova, Materials Science and Engineering, John Hopkins U

5:30 Reception


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