Dr. Erich Hellemann Holguín in the MBSB program successfully passed his oral defense on September 21st. The title of his dissertation project is “Computer-aided drug design: developing and applying simulation-based tools to identify small-molecule ligands that inhibit proteins”. Erich accomplished this research under the supervision of Prof. Jacob D. Durrant in the Department of Biological Science in University of Pittsburgh. His work details how computers aid in the process of discovering new candidate drugs. Erich developed a tool that leverages Weighted Ensemble simulations to enhance protein pocket conformational sampling. Erich will move to New Mexico State University as the Director of the Core Structure Determination Facility in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department.  BTW, Remote defense presentation is more like a reunion. Some of former MBSB students attended Erich’s talk and asked questions.

Congratulations, Erich!