Molecular mechanisms underlying transcription and cellular morphology

My lab uses a variety of biophysical and biochemical techniques to identify and describe the molecular mechanisms that underlie a variety of important biological processes with an emphasis on DNA-templated processes (transcription, DNA repair, and viral integration), as well as the regulation of changes in cellular morphology throughout development. Our primary experimental tool is structure determination using x-ray crystallography, which we augment with a variety of biochemical assays, including fluorescence anisotropy, light scattering, thermal shift assays, and a variety of pull-downs and electrophoretic assays to analyze macromolecular interactions.

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PhD 2001, Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral Training

2001-2007, University of Utah

University of Pittsburgh
Department of Biological Sciences
360A Langley Hall
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Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: (412) 648-0110