Cell nucleus, lamins, nuclear lamina


We study mechanical and rheological properties of the nucleus. In deciphering the structural and mechanical elements of the cell's nucleus we hope to determine roles of epigenetic regulation, stem cell differentiation, aging pathologies and cancer metastases. Mechanical regulation of cell and tissue function is poorly understood but is a fascinating area of study. Our research focuses on molecular, organelle, cellular and multicellular length scales over time, and we use a combination of spectroscopic, imaging, image informatics, biophysics and computational approaches.






PhD 2004, University of Pennsylvania

Postdoctoral Training

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology


Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Chemical Engineering
Doherty Hall 2100C
5000 Forbes Ave. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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E-mail: krisdahl@cmu.edu 

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