Research Interests:

The Smithgall lab is focused on studying the roles of Src family kinases in cancers and the accessory protein Nef in HIV infection and pathogenesis. My research is focused on Src family kinases which are key members of many signaling pathways in the human body and are characterized by their regulatory SH3 and SH2 domains N-terminal of the kinase domain. I am working to characterize a novel class of Src family kinase regulator which is targeted to the SH3 and SH2 domains of the kinase Hck. I use a combination of biochemical methods such as surface plasmon resonance and kinase assays with X-ray crystallography to investigate the mechanism and efficacy of these small molecule compounds.







B.S. Biochemistry, Northeastern University, 2018


PhD Advisor:  Dr. Thomas E. Smithgall

Lab Address:

Bridgeside Point II Room 533
100 Technology Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15219