Thesis title: Characterizing Excluded Strand DNA Interactions with Hexametric Helices and Determining Roles in Unwinding Mechanisms

Graduation date: July 2016

MBSB PhD advisor: Dr. Michael Trakselis (Dept. Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh)


Research Interests: 

Genomic replication processes are essential across all domains of life. A required step in DNA replication is the unwinding of double-stranded DNA to provide single-stranded templates for downstream elongation by polymerases. However, the exact mechanism by which dsDNA is unwound is not clear. My current work involves studying helicases from a variety of organisms with various biophysical and biochemical techniques in order to elucidate the mechanism(s) used to unwind dsDNA.


Current location: postdoctoral researcher in the Loparo lab at Harvard University's Medical School in Boston, MA


B.S., Biology, Gwynedd-Mercy College

Ph.D., Structural Biology & Molecular Biophysics, University of Pittsburgh, 2016