Research Interests:  

My work involves expanding the genetic code of zebrafish to incorporate unnatural amino acids into proteins of interest. I have used this technology to optically control enzymes by installing photolabile groups into the active site. Additionally, I am developing a phosphine-triggered protein activation method by placing aryl-azide caged lysine into enzymes. I am also developing a method for incorporation of chemically diverse residues into proteins in zebrafish through injection of chemically acylated tRNA. Aside from genetic code expansion, I am generating optically-controlled CRISPR-based tools in zebrafish and light-activated morpholino oligonucleotide gene knockdown.







B.S in Bioresource Research, B.A in International Studies, 2016, Oregon State University


PhD Advisor:  Dr. Alexander Deiters

Lab Address:   

13th Floor
Chevron Science Center
219 Parkman Ave, Pittsburgh, PA



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