Research Interests:  The Hinck lab uses structural and biophysical tools (NMR, X-ray crystallography, SPR, ITC, etc.) to study the signaling proteins and receptors of the TGF-β family. TGF-β plays important physiologic and pathogenic roles, being implicated in immune regulation, cell proliferation/differentiation, and cancer progression. My research aims to characterize a parasitic TGF-β mimic that binds to the type 1 and type 2 TGF-β receptors (TβRI and TβRII) by characterizing the structure of this mimic and analyzing its binding interfaces with TβRI and TβRII. I use a combination of biochemical techniques, NMR, and ITC/SPR experiments. 






B.A. in Biophysics, University of Michigan, 2016


PhD Advisor:  Dr. Andrew P. Hinck

Lab Address:  

Department of Structural Biology
1046 Bioscience Tower 3
3501 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

email:  anm276 [at]